Archive: April, 2012

Organic Mexican Horchata!

  Yes, this is happening, this is probably the easiest tastiest beverage in the history of Mexico. Horchata is my absolute favorite drink to have with everything. When my Abuelita would make it, she poured it with every meal… which if you know Mexican granny’s your eating about 6 meals a day. This was the […]

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Organic Mexican Arroz and Lentil Medley

I was so excited when I went to the grocery store today, normally I try to get most of my organic food from Trader Joe’s or the Farmer’s Market. I went to Whole Foods to buy a few things I needed for this week and found this 365 Organic Rice & Lentil Medley on sale!. […]

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Organic Mexican Lentil Soup

  This is my favorite soup to make! It’s done fairly quickly and it tastes so good without it being too salty. Which is what I experience when I get Lentil Soup at restaurants for the most part. You will notice that I use Ghee a lot; it is actually a must for this recipe […]

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