Tuesday Training Post: L.A. Outdoor Winter Run…


So it is definitely a lot more fun running and training with my Team… but, since my schedule is a little crazy I must make up my missed runs on my own.. -___- Fun right? Well, its been freaking FREEZING in L.A. the last week or so.. yes people.. anything below 6oº is freezing to a person that has only ever lived in Los Angeles their entire life.

Runyon Canyon is my hill training “go to” place since its close to where I live. It really has the most striking views of L.A. I’m still struggling a little with my training “time” overall but I’m sure in the next few weeks I’ll be back to where I was (hopefully). I’ve been indulging in tons of Protein to help with the recovery process so thats always fun, I’ve also been taking Level 1/2 Yoga classes to over stress my body out. Here’s to the next week of Training!! YEAH!!!!!!!

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