Tuesday Training Post: …. um.. slacker much??

So, Yes… you don’t see much training in these images because there hasn’t really been any. I was teaching a lot last week, and made a last minute trip up to Portland (my fav) and needless to say… running/training fell off the priority list really quickly.

It happens, I did start feeling a little guilty about it but I know that dwelling on stuff I can’t change is just going to annoy me. It was so hot last week, then so cold up in Portland.. my body just wanted to be an emotional eater. Hence the ice cream and pancakes.. The only problem is the suffering I endure when getting back on the bandwagon. I hate getting off schedule so close to the race but it happens. It’s a new training week and the weather is beautiful in L.A., I must go and enjoy it while I can.. see.. marathon training isn’t always so glamourous… fml..

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