Tuesday Training Post: Running in the Rain…

Last week was brutal, there was more traveling which again made it impossible for my team run. I did two 7 mile runs in the rain which isn’t my favorite thing to do (as I am traumatized) but it wasn’t torturous. I really miss my team, even though its only been two weeks It really makes a difference training with others. This weekend I will miss yet another team run as I will be in Portland. The nice thing is running outdoors in the greenery up there is much more enjoyable than street running in L.A.

I did my Yoga practice at home last week and am excited about going to my dear friend Pete’s Kundalini Yoga class this week! so that will be fun. Like I said last week, for some reason this training has proven to be really difficult for me… perhaps I just have too much stuff going on this time around. I must remind myself of the reasons why I am doing this again. The closer it gets to race day, the more anxiety I get, the more I think about my “goals” and the more doubt settles in “Will I be able to raise enough money?” “Will I be able to finish?” “Am I training enough”. These are the moments when I have to tell myself to¬†STOP and take a breath. It usually helps to do that, I forget that this self-induced stress can get the better of me if I allow it. I must stop and look at the big picture.. of all of it. I plan on taking it easy this week, do my training in #yoginimode insted of #beastmode, thank you all again for the continued support :). Here’s to L.A. Marathon 2013!…

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