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White Bean Chili by Cook Simple

Brace yourselves my friends, I have found the best home cooking solution and it comes in a box. I enjoy cooking at home but like most… sometimes being in the kitchen after a long day doesn’t sound so awesome. I’m not big on packaged foods, as many usually contain tons of preservatives and sodium. I […]

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Super Protein Salad

Back to being a Vegan that eats chicken I see. It happens occasionally, I get a craving of meat and mr. chicken is my go to. Since I’ve been working out more, my body definitely appreciates the extra protein. Here is my favorite Chicken Salad Recipe that I eat after a Cross-Training workout. Enjoy! Ingredients:  […]

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Organic Pollo Encebollado

  My good friend’s father gave me this recipe. It is so good!, I use the minimum amount of oil so I’m not “frying” chicken. I’m not a fan of frying anything. But in order for the chicken to taste delicious, You have to do what you have to do. Enjoy! Ingredients 2 1/2 to […]

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